As I grow older, I have been discovering that I feel most content with my life when I’m making a difference. When I feel like my purpose is actually being lived out, that’s when I’m happiest. Every morning I pray that God will use me to somehow be a light to someone somewhere. That’s all I really want in life… to be used by God to make a positive difference. I will fail.. I won’t always get it right… but may His love shine through all my faults. Thank you Lord for all you do, I know that everything good thing comes from You

He’s not feeling the Time difference. #princeramon #papa

His birthday week & RJ blessing on Saturday 😊

On our way to the next beach. @sirrayza

@tone3824 with his partner @jaymenari and @sirrayza and me (I couldn’t fit in the video lol) but yeah we are such a fail! Shout out to New Zealand!! :)

Dad giving Ray & Bo a Tour 😍 😃

He looks so cute in his Hawaiian outfit papa got him lol #Bo #hawaii #laie #beach #fun #kingbo

Bo’s face :) #Beach

Even forever isn’t long enough. #RayAndSin